Ellzey Coding Solutions was founded in 2011 to provide dermatologists and their staff with easy-to-use and easy-to-understand coding and billing tools. In addition to DermCoder, its popular online coding tool, ECS offers Quik-Pik coding guides and cheat sheets, National Correct Coding Initiative manuals, ICD-10 tools, HIPAA and OIG compliance programs, and a complete line of office policy and practice valuation products.

Karl M Ellzey, President of Ellzey Coding Solutions, has been working with dermatologists and their staff for over 20 years developing products with an emphasis on dermatology coding, billing, documentation, and compliance.

Karl is also the creator and developer of the popular DermCoder® software currently deployed to over 925 practices nationwide with over 1700 active users. DermCoder, a web-based coding reference tool, allows users to quickly and accurately access current CPT® codes, Medicare fee schedules, ICD-9/ICD-10 codes, NDC codes, automatic modifier checking, J-codes, CCI edits, clinical lab fees, coding and billing rules, EOB message codes, and current coding/billing news. Users can also print and export data to upload into their EMR or billing software. The most popular feature of DermCoder is QuickCheck that quickly shows users where to apply up to eight different modifiers on their claims with a single click. Visit www.dermcoder.com for additional information.

Contact: Karl M. Ellzey, President
Phone: 855-326-3464
Ellzey Coding Solutions